One of the most prominent, and loved, trends that I have seen in the event industry recently is the use of food stations, or food bars. Food stations can have a wide range of tastes, from French fries to tacos, and solve the problem of picky eaters at your event. Food stations even don’t have to be limited to actual food, drink stations have also taken over as a major trend of 2016. Food stations allow guests to serve themselves, and tailor their meal to have exactly what they want (and don’t want).

Food stations create the opportunity for individuality. The food stations themselves can vary, along with what two different guests might create at the same station. Food stations don’t just offer food, they give guests a chance to get up, walk around, and socialize.

I think that the food station trend has had a positive impact on the event industry. Many event guests love being able to pick and choose what go into their dishes. I have personally  attended events with food stations, my favorite being a mashed potato bar, and they always make my experience better. The specific event with the mashed potato bar is an annual event, and I always look forward to getting both a cup of both kinds of mashed potatoes they have available. My favorite events to attend have multiple food stations open at once, and give the event guests an opportunity to make a one of a kind meal. Food stations have emerged and become a huge hit, and I don’t see them losing popularity any time soon.

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