One of the most prominent, and loved, trends that I have seen in the event industry recently is the use of food stations, or food bars. Food stations can have a wide range of tastes, from French fries to tacos, and solve the problem of picky eaters at your event. Food stations even don’t have… | Read more →



Hey y’all, I’m Anna Guin, Flourish Events fall intern. I started in March 2017 and worked until May, when I left to intern for a local wedding planner for the summer. Once that internship concluded and the school year started back, I came back to Flourish Events for the fall. I am a Greenville native… | Read more →


Flourish Events is currently looking for an Events Marketing intern to focus primarily on a large scale events and promotion that will be taking place during Fall 2016.  This intern will work on all day-to-day tasks as they relate to the production and execution of this event. They will work closely with the Director of… | Read more →